Air Duct Cleaning

Did you know that the average six-room home holds up to forty pounds of dirt and dust a year? Much of that dust and dirt circulates in the air you breathe inside the home, travelling through the return air and air duct supply.

When these air ducts are clogged or dirty, the air being circulated through your home is filled with pollutants and allergens. This increases the chances of developing allergies and illnesses, or making existing allergies or illnesses last longer. Additionally, when the air system can’t function properly, your utility bills will higher and your home will have a tendency to hold on to stale, musty odors.

It’s easy for people in older homes to understand how much dust and dirt may have accumulated in the air duct system over the years. However, owners of newer homes are often surprised to discover the amounts wood particles, sawdust and other construction debris and garbage. It’s not unusual to find food, soda and beer cans, left by the workers in the air ducts!


This is just one of the reasons why doctors often advise their allergy patients to have their air ducts cleaned. Customers frequently report that the air seems lighter and cleaner since we cleaned their homes.

Ridding your home of the hidden dirt in your ventilation system, cleaning your air ducts can also save you money by increasing the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. Regular cleanings can help protect your investment in your ac system, and help to extend the life of many expensive components.

Proper cleaning and sanitizing of the air ducts and air vents greatly reduces the amounts of contaminants, and are the key to breathing better and reducing allergy attacks. Cleaning the air ducts can open the system so that it can function more efficiently. Our customers are always amazed to discover the amount of dirt and debris that we remove from their air duct system. They also love the reduced energy bills!

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