Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Moving can be a strenuous and stressful time for any family or individual. May it be you’re a tenant or homeowner, it’s imperative that you leave a clean area for incoming inhabitants. And we can take on the tough job of deep cleaning your previous home while you juggle the strain of moving.

On the other hand, there’s nothing exasperating than arriving at your new house only to discover that it requires deep cleaning. If you want to start fresh in your new home, our services can help you with that. We offer a custom-made move in move out house cleaning package that includes detailed cleaning of walls and rooms, polishing hardwood flooring and steam cleaning carpets. We can fix and paint minor dents and scratches you can find in your plaster, shine your windows, and many more.

The Benefits of Our Move In/Out Services

Our cleaners of the moving in or moving out services are all professional, and they have the experience and skill in doing their work. You can discuss every aspect of the process and other details with our staff, so they may meet your needs quickly and precisely. They are always ready to provide any particular needs you may want.

Whether if it’s cleaning the area after the former tenant moves out or before new tenants move in or if you are the tenant – we can help. You can greatly profit from our services and make your process of cleaning much easier, quick and free from stress. All you need to do is book this service and then you can enjoy your transfer, instead of thinking of it as a nuisance.

Extras Services

  • Pick up trash per 32gl bag…… $ 5.00
  • Sweep garage or patio……….. $10.00


  • Prior to cleaning all items must be completely removed from all areas kitchen, bedrooms bathrooms, closets etc. Extra charges will be applied if handled by staff
  • If the house or Apt have mildew and Mold, a lot of grease on the appliances ,dust,trash is considered heavy cleaning
  • The house or Apt have to be total empty. If still furniture inside of the place. We will clean around of them.

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