Pet Stain Removal

Pet Urine, Pet Odor and General Odor Removal

Pets are much-loved members of our families and, like all family members, they occasionally have accidents. One of the problems many pet owners have to deal with at some point, is pet stains and odors from pet urine.

Unfortunately, pet urine has a powerful odor which must be treated correctly, or it will leave unsightly stains on your carpets, rugs, or upholstery – and the smell will linger in your home for along time!

Although there are products on the market for pet stain and pet urine removal, they should be used with care. Sometimes these products react to the cleaner last used on the carpet or upholstery, and the result is a bleached or damaged spot.

Additionally, many of these products simply don’t have the cleaning power to fully neutralize pet urine and deodorize the affected area. And if the carpet underlay and substrate is not properly treated, even replacing the carpet may not eliminate the odor problem.


The only way to be sure the pet urine stain is thoroughly cleaned and removed without problems is by using a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service.

A professional carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning service will:

– Have extensive experience in successfully removing pet stains and odor
– Use the right cleaning and spot removal products, applied in the correct quantities
– Use professional grade cleaning equipment
– Know what steps to take to neutralize the bacteria that causes odor from pet urine stains

And leave your home spot and stain free, and smelling fresh and clean!

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Our DEEP clean packages includes:

  • Pre-inspection
  • Professional vacuum
  • Move furniture
  • Pre-treat spots
  • High volume hot water extraction
  • A choice of pet treatment or carpet protector per area
  • Odor neutralizer
  • Set pile
  • Speed dry
  • Post-inspection
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