Pressure Washing

A.J. Carpet Cleaning & Services can help you keep the inside and the outside of your home or office looking great! We offer exterior cleaning and restoration services that preserve your property investment and keep it looking smart and clean.


Building Cleaning and Restoration

A buildup of dirt and pollutants on exterior walls isn’t just unattractive; it’s also damaging to the building’s exterior materials.

Air pollutants today can contain a significant amount of acids, and well as other fine particles that erode exterior finishes. Over time, the building begins to look dingy and poorly maintained, with an air of neglect and the appearance of not being properly cared for.

Our power pressure washing service provides building cleaning and coating removal. We use processes and special techniques so that the building exterior is not harmed.

Deck Refinishing

Has your deck seen better days? Decks in Utah take a beating from the extremes of heat and ice. Instead of replacing your deck, let us help you restore it! Our pressure washing services helps return your deck to that “like new” appearance by cleaning and brightening your deck before re-sealing.

The results vary by the age of the deck and condition of the wood, however we adjust the water pressure so as not to harm the wood.

Concrete Cleaning & Paver Restoration

It’s almost impossible to keep concrete garage floors or driveways, paved patios & pathways, and sidewalks free of stains, spills, mold, and efflorescence (the white powdery substance on bricks). Our pressure washing service cleans and restores attractive appearance without damage to delicate mortar areas. You’ll be astonished at how your concrete and masonry look new again!

House Washing and Gutter Cleaning

When your home sustains mold or rust and element damage it can cause siding to oxidize and begin to breakdown. Additionally, siding is a magnet for pollution that sticks to it, causing it to become  cloudy, dull and discolored. And who likes to clean gutters??

We do! Relax while we use our professional wash technique to help protect your home and clean your gutters. A.J. Carpet Cleaning & Services can beautify your home, enhancing its curb appeal, while keeping its exterior in top shape.

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