Strip and Wax

strip and wax process helps to restore waxed floors to an elegant, stylish appearance, which enhances the visual appeal of any property. However, wax buildup and flaking from wear-and-tear can cause your floors to have a dingy, unattractive appearance. When this happens, the only way to restore the floor’s luster is to strip away the old wax and replace it with a fresh layer.

Strip and wax isn’t a complicated process but it is a tedious one, requiring patience, experience and attention to detail.  Because stripping and waxing floors is such a time-consuming task, many people opt to have a professional janitorial service perform the job.


However, all too often, companies will cut corners in the process, resulting in an unsatisfactory result. Some of the sign of a sub-standard strip and wax job include:

– Floors not adequately stripped of the original wax coating
– Wax laid around furniture, instead of under it
– Un-stripped or waxed baseboards
– Use of cheap waxing products, which yellow easily

Unlike many commercial cleaning companies, A.J. Carpet & Cleaning Services does not cut corners when we strip and wax a floor.

If your waxed floors have lost their shine and polish, our professional floor cleaning service may be the solution to your problems. Call us today at: 801.541.6316 for a free, no-pressure estimate, or click the button below:

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