Water Damage Restoration

Most property owners will be confronted with wet carpets and flooded floors at some time. When that happens to you, contact A.J. Carpet Cleaning & Services immediately to take care of the problem and minimize the water damage.

We service all of the Salt Lake City metro area, and we specialize in on-site drying, with no smell or moisture left on carpets or floors.

With years of experience in water damage restoration in the industrial, carpet and floor cleaning services and commercial sectors, we offer a complete service for a water damaged property. From assessing the damage through to carrying out necessary work in order to restore the properties to their pre-damaged condition, we will respond promptly after being contacted.

When a property is not treated promptly after water damage, the moisture can cause damage to the structure, create an unbearable smell, mould and damage the carpet. We use commercial-strength air movers and dehumidifiers to eliminate the excess damp and dry the walls, floors, cupboards and underlay to eliminate further damage.

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We will also disinfect the carpet as well as use anti browning treatment to minimize discoloration. Our emergency water damage and flood restoration services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week right throughout the year. In addition to water damage and flood restoration services, we also offer carpet cleaning services, to disinfect the carpets, and also anti-browning treatments to minimize discoloration of the fibers.

Don’t risk additional damage to your property. Call us immediately at: 801.541.6316 and make sure your flooded carpet or floor is both restored and refreshed.

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