Window Cleaning

Clean, spotless windows at home give homeowners a wonderful feeling. Windows look best if they are cleaned on a regular basis, on the inside and outside. But if window cleaning is not your favorite chore, you can hire us to do the job.

Residential Windows Cleaning

  • First, we start on the inside of the house, and we remove the screens. We then scrub and vacuum the windowtracks.
  • Next, we clean the glass with an eco-friendly soap that is totally safe to use on window tinting.
  • We utilize a no-drip method, and we carry our buckets around on a drop-canvas. After we complete detailing the inside windows, we then move to the outside.
  • On the outside, we shampoo the screens with a special solution that revives the screen.After that, we let the screensdry.
  • On the exterior windows, we clean the window frames first, and then we clean the glass.
  • If there are any bug marks, paint overspray or any other debris; we either usea window scraper with stainless steel blades or fine steel wool. This process ensures that your windows will look like new and free from scratch.
  • Then we re-wet the window and sponge it clean. After detailing the edges with a special lint-free linen, your windows will be sparkling from edge to edge.


We take pride on the quality of ourwork, and all the services we provide is satisfaction guaranteed. Every blemish, stain, smears of fingerprints will be instantly dealt with and with energy. Our company is completely insured for client’s peace of mind.

If you want a fast and ineffectual window job, then our company is not the one you’re looking for. However, if you want a window job that you’ll be satisfied with, where you can brag about to your friends and neighbors, then don’t hesitate to call us. We are usually fully booked, so it’s highly recommended that you contact us early.

Take note, we offer window cleaning discounts for customers who maintain their windows on a regularly. If you hire our expertise, we can discuss a personalized window cleaning program for you.

Schedule today and pick from our 1, 3, or 5 areas’ Basic or DEEP Cleaning Packages (details below) or Call us today at 801.541.6316 for a free, no-pressure estimate, or click below to request a quote!

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20 Windows Pane Basic cleaning Package covers:

  • Outside windows only
  • Outside/Inside of any glass doors
  • Quick clean of window seals


20 Window Panes DEEP cleaning Package covers:

  • Outside AND Inside Windows.
  • Outside/Inside of any glass doors
  • Quick clean of window seals